My name is Barb Wallace and I live in Boston, MA. From an early age I have been obsessed with art, fashion and all things that sparkle!  I have a degree in Fashion Design from the Columbus College of Art & Design.  I have worked as a designer for different companies as well as participated in many different Fashion Shows - most notably is Highball Halloween in Columbus, OH.  Several years ago I also discovered a love of fitness.  In the past few years, my love for fitness and fashion have finally come together and resulted in BlackCatMade.  I create original custom suits for Fitness Competitors. In order to become the best suit designer I can be, I decided I needed to become a competitor.  I took the stage as a Bikini Compeititor for the first time this year and found that I really love it.  This journey has only just begun!!  

All of my suits are custom made and created from scratch.  I put much love and care into all of the details and will work hard to ensure that you are happy with your BlackCatMade suit!

Please feel free to contact me regarding your custom designed suit. I will work with you on design if you have something in mind.  Please note I do not knock off other designers but I will gladly work to create something similar and original for you!


IG: BlackCatMade

I look forward to creating the perfect suit for you!