Are all the suits customizable?  

Yes!  You can choose your suit color, connector style and Swarovski rhinestone colors.  I work with you to design your suit

Do customers need a consultation?  

Yes! Once you have taken a look at my designs and have an idea what you would like, please contact me and we can get the ball rolling.

How can I contact you?

Send me a message here! I will follow up with you. 

What if I am not a local client?  

If you are not a local client, no problem! we can work together via Skype, FaceTime etc. I will send you a fit sample to try before I stone it. Contact me here for further information. 

How do I know what back cut to get?

Back cut depends on your federations regulations as well as your comfort level. I offer ProCut which is similar to thong, Standard Bikini Cut and Moderate cut.  Please check your Federation to see what the requirements are.  I also highly recommend consulting with your coach regarding suit cut and connector style.

What kind of padding do you provide?

I offer either molded bra cups or triangle top with a pocket.

What is your return policy?  

All suits and deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.  Once we determine design I will start the process of making a fit sample. Before shipping the sample I require a 50% non refundable deposit. Since your suit is custom and made for you, I am unable to accept returns.

I ordered my suit and decided not to compete, can I cancel my order?

No orders cannot be cancelled. Deposits are non refundable  so if you choose not to compete  I recommend selling your suit. Your suit is hand made and custom made to your specifications so I am unable to accept cancellations.

I ordered my suit and decided I want to change the color, connectors, or cut, what are my options?

Once the suit has been cut and I have started the process it cannot be changed.

Can I order just bottoms or just a top?  

Yes. Please contact me here and we can discuss what you need and pricing, etc. 

How far in advance can I order my suit?  

It is never too early to start thinking about your suit!  Contact me here and we can start working on your design.  I like to get initial measurements at least 8 weeks out so that I can start making the fit sample. It is up to you to provide accurate feedback , measurements and information for me to make your suit. It is also important that the suit be returned quickly so that I can make any necessary adjustments and stone it!

What if I lose weight prior to my show?  

When I send the fit sample it is best if it fits a bit tight especially if you will be losing weight.  Bikinis have additional fabric tabs in the back that can be adjusted by a local seamstress or anyone that sews if necessary. All suits are made of 4 way Spandex and it is stretchy.

How Do I accurately take my measurements?

Watch this step by step tutorial with Barb! She will walk you though the process to take accurate measurements.